A world where no one is powerless

We incubate and accelerate citizen-led, technology-driven social movements. Millions of people come together to create change around the world.

Our Work

Using technology to build citizen-led social movements, we work in countries to create transformational change on a regional, national and international level. Over 26 million people in Latin America and 17 million people in Asia are using Change.org to make their voices heard.

Building Social Movements

Global and regional projects that deepen movements of people-powered campaigns.

Digital campaigning

In Asia and Latin America, Change.org has become the largest online open campaigning platform.

Learning and Data

How do people directly affected by issues become campaign leaders and how do communities incubate social movements?

Impact across the world

Millions of people have run thousands of campaigns, changing laws and lives across the world.


Crowdsourcing a new constitution


Amplifying women’s voices


Supporting national change


Campaigning under martial law

Meet the Team

We are a global team who work with people to start their own campaigns and promote citizen-led social movements to decision makers and the media. We have offices in Mexico, Argentina, Thailand, Brazil, Indonesia, India and the United States.