Activists behind #AllinforClimateAction

  “I want the world leaders and the UN Secretary general to intensify the fight against climate change.”

Tufoin Ntsi, Cameroon

“To communicate and act against climate change, to work towards a common goal: The time for young people to act has come. We have the power to create the future.“

Paula Mora, Colombia

“It is you, the world leaders, who have the responsibility to do everything you can in order to safeguard humanity from its own extinction. We, young people, and future adults, have understood the urgency and we will not stop reminding you, until you act!“

Rebecca Freitag, Germany

“My home, my city is going to have no ground water by 2020, which is in about 120 days. In many countries, people have to walk kilometres to fill a single bucket of water. The time to act against climate change is now.”

Aman Sharma, India

“Listen to the young people, we are the future and we want to have a future.“

Luca Franceschetti, Italy

“My message to our world leaders: There has never before been a more urgent time to implement climate and environmental policies. We need you, our leaders to be at the core and centre of an assured sustainable future for all.“

Passy Ogolla, Kenya

“The issue of climate change is the future of new generations. The #AllinforClimateAction campaign has shown the great passion of young people: we pay attention to climate change more than ever.”

Mohamed Edabbar, Libya

“We must be all in for climate change, no more politics. Climate action is all we need.”

Daniel Gbujie, Nigeria

“#AllinforClimateAction has created a powerful momentum: It got together half of the world to declare the climate emergency.”

Saher Rashid, Pakistan

“Don’t lie to yourself. You know this is bad.”

Mihai Toader Pasti, Romania

“Money can buy everything, except life. Put aside the capitalist and consumerist interest and act to reverse the situation we are going to. We don't have time to waste time.”

Gerard Porta Aldrufeu, Spain

“I am leading a lot of NGOs in the field of sustainability and climate change on a local, national & international level. I started the climate strikes in Switzerland and supported #AllinforClimateAction from the very beginning on.”

Marie-Claire Graf, Switzerland

“Recently, i was selected as the Minister for Environment, Water and Natural Resources for Butembe chiefdom in Busoga Kingdom, becoming the first young person to hold this elite position. Through #AllinforClimateAction I have created many networks with different climate activists across the globe.”

Joanita Babirye, Uganda