Consultant for Online Learning

Role: Consultant for Online learning design (specifically for campaigning)
Time frame: 6 months starting mid September  
Location: Flexible
Deadline for application: August 28th

The Foundation empowers millions of people to use technology to build social movements and create transformational change. Over 135 million people are using to make their voices heard in these countries: Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Turkey, Argentina, Germany, Colombia, Thailand, Chile, Japan. With thousands of campaign victories every year, our model is a proven engine for social change and citizen leadership, with incredible potential to grow.

We are looking for an experienced ‘online learning’ consultant (or group of consultants) to work with us for 6 months at the Foundation from September 2020. The consultant will be based remotely, anywhere in the world.

About the consultancy

This consultant will work primarily with fundraising grant teams to give advice on how to create excellent, effective campaign training online / adapting to the COVID-19 reality. They will also build best practices through these projects, which will be available to other teams and staff members within the Foundation.

In addition to empowering citizens to win large online campaigns through the platform, we have been expanding our model to provide campaign and leadership training to communities in Asia and Latin America.

The She Creates Change programme in India has trained and maintained a community of over 150  women campaigners. In Indonesia, a similar programme has facilitated  a community of campaigners specifically on environmental issues. We would like to start building online versions of this in-person campaign leadership training  to reach and train many thousands more people in the how of social change.

Here’s what you will do as a consultant:

  • Produce an internal guidebook and series of trainings on the principles and practice of training social change organizers and changemakers through online tools
    • What are best practices in online learning – especially on mobile?
    • What are the different formats for eLearning and how do we assess which approach to use?
    • What are effective processes for implementation (with consideration to audiences of varying age and cultural groups), and processes of impact evaluation?
  • Support Foundation countries (primarily: India, Indonesia, and Argentina) to plan, implement, and evaluate an online training program.
  • Build a best practice guide in online training for changemakers for the Foundation, developed by embedding with three online training pilot projects in different countries.
  • Lead an evaluation of existing tools in online training and how to continue resourcing online learning at the end of the project.
  • Provide Recommendations for adapting our learning and communication processes (internal learning hub, externally-facing website, reports) for more open collaboration with campaigners from the social change sector.

An ideal proposal will be from individuals who

  • Have at least five to seven years experience working in an international organisation on building and implementing online training, with a fair share of successes and failures to learn from. 
  • Have a good understanding of how in-person and online training differ, and how this can differ across languages, culture, gender, internet access and life experience.
  • Have experience in embedding with teams to learn, evaluate and iterate in a fast and flexible way.
  • Understand the platform, the Foundation and how issue-based online campaigning works.
  • Have a good knowledge of the social impact sector and best practices from a diversity of organisations
  • Have previous experience working remotely across cultures, timezones and shifting priorities to deliver high-quality outputs.

This consultancy will start on the 14th of September and will run for six months. We expect this role to embed with Foundation country teams for an equivalent of 3 days per week.

Please contact Danny Hutley, Director of Learning & Analytics for questions or to arrange a call.

The Foundation is registered as a 5103c non-profit in the US and is able to process invoices from contractors worldwide.