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Here's how people are stepping up everywhere to fight the virus

Every hour citizens like you are launching petitions to address the spread of coronavirus, and they're winning. Officials are agreeing to school closures, paid leave, access to healthcare and more.

Trending petitions about COVID-19 worldwide - Updated June 16, 2020, 3:43pm GMT

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At Change.org, we believe in the power of everyday people in creating the change they want to see in the world. By combining technology-driven campaigns, on-ground capacity-building, and social movements led by people like you, we believe we can build a world where no one is powerless.

We bring together a strong team comprised of local and global staff that work with our platform users to help launch social movements toward impact. And although our offices across Europe, Asia, and the Americas are closed in our effort to flatten-the-curve, our staff continues to work hard in empowering people to #ActAtHome.

The only way to overcome this crisis is together. We are inspired by the immense level of solidarity painted across each page on our platform. The campaigns being run and supported by millions of people around the world are proof of the goodness, power and resilience of humanity and we are working to support them in securing the change that we all deserve to see through these challenging times.


Preethi Herman
Global Executive Director, Change.org Foundation

WHO Recommendations

Stay informed and follow your healthcare provider's advice

Stay updated on the latest information on the COVID-19 by referring to verified sources online like the WHO website or through your local public health authority. Take care of your health and help protect others by doing the following.

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